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Switch cabinet classification

Classified by voltage level:
According to the voltage level classification, AC1000V and below are generally referred to as low-voltage switchgear (such as PGL, GGD, GCK, GBD, MNS, etc.) and AC1000V or more are referred to as high-voltage switchgear (such as GG-1A, XGN15, KYN48, etc.), and sometimes also The voltage in the high voltage cabinet is AC10kV called medium voltage cabinet (such as XGN15 10kV ring network cabinet).
According to voltage waveform classification:
Divided into AC switchgear, DC switchgear.
Classified by internal structure:
Withdrawable switchgear (such as GCS, GCK, MNS, etc.), fixed switchgear (such as GGD, etc.)
Classified by purpose:
Line cabinet, outlet cabinet, measuring cabinet, compensation cabinet (capacitor cabinet), corner cabinet, bus cabinet.