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Power distribution box installation

The distribution box divides the power distribution box and the lighting distribution box and is the last equipment of the distribution system. The distribution box is composed of switchgear, measuring instruments, protective electrical appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinets or screen panels according to the electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage power distribution device. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off by means of a manual or automatic switch. In the event of malfunction or abnormal operation, the circuit or alarm is cut off by means of a protective appliance. Measurement instruments can be used to display various parameters in operation, and certain electrical parameters can be adjusted to indicate or signal deviations from normal operating conditions. Commonly used in all hair, distribution, substations.
Distribution box installation:
1) The distribution box is made of non-combustible materials.
2) Open production panels can be installed at production sites and offices where the risk of electric shock is small.
3) Closed cabinets should be installed in places such as processing workshops, foundry, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, and woodworking houses where the risk of electric shock is high or the operating environment is poor.
4) In the dangerous working place with conductive dust or flammable or explosive gas, enclosed or explosion-proof electrical facilities must be installed.
5) The electrical components, meters, switches and lines of the distribution box should be arranged neatly, and the installation should be firm and easy to operate. There should be no dust, water and debris in the cabinet (box).
6) The bottom of the floor-mounted cabinet (box) shall be 50-100 mm above the ground; the center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2-1.5m; and the obstacle is within the range of 0.8-1.2m in front of the cabinet (box).
7) The protection line connection is reliable.
8) There must be no exposed body outside the cabinet (box); electrical components must be installed on the outer surface of the cabinet (box) or on the distribution board, and there must be reliable screen protection.