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Dry system

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Dry system

Activated carbon injection system:
(1) Composition: Activated carbon storage (including automatic bag filter and fan at the top of the bin), pneumatic conveying distributor, activated carbon delivery system, activated carbon metering and feeding system, activated carbon injection system (nozzle), spray water cooling system, pipeline, etc. .
(2) The activated carbon dosing device includes a pneumatic transport distributor with a feeder, and each feeder outlet corresponds to a set of continuous automatic weighing and weighing systems to realize continuous measurement of activated carbon and according to DSC. The signal is adjusted online. Activated carbon dosing feeder and continuous metering system realize automatic control. The design of the activated carbon nozzle should be easy to disassemble, and it is convenient to check if the nozzle is fouled or blocked.

Dry deliminated slaked lime storage:
(1) The tanker with slaked lime is stopped outside the lime silo workshop as required.
(2) Connect the slaked lime feeding conveyor hose on the tank truck with the slaked lime feeding pipe quick connector outside the workshop, and confirm it is correct and fastened.
(3) Open the manual ball valve on the hydrated lime feed tube. Sending a signal to the control room through the stroke on the manual ball valve. At the same time, there are sound and light alarms on site indicating that the warehouse is feeding.
(4) Sludge lime silo is installed with 3 level switches, the upper level switch detects high material level (2), and the lower middle switch shows low level (1). The high material level indicates the level of slaked lime to stop feeding. In order to avoid the phenomenon of peaking during slaked lime, two high material levels are set in the slaked lime silo for simultaneous monitoring.
(5) The low material level indicates that the hydrated lime bin should receive the level of slaked lime. The low level setting height is the amount of slaked lime used in the hydrated lime silo with only one day's worth of usage (a common use of the three systems in the first phase).
(6) A gate valve is installed between the hydrated lime silo and the slaked lime pneumatic conveying distributor so as to cut off the slaked lime feed during the maintenance of the inspection.
(7) 4 tankers are injected into slaked lime silos through pipelines, weighed by slaked lime gas conveying distributors to adjust the amount of material fed through the Roots blower, sprayer pipe, and finally injected into the flue to remove the acid gases in the flue gas (eg SOx and HCL).
(8) The top of the slaked lime is provided with a roof top bag filter, and the top bag filter is a pulse injection bag filter.

Activated carbon injection system

Calcium hydroxide distribution system
Calcium hydroxide delivery system
Calcium hydroxide delivery system

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